The successor of the successful MC3200.

The new Zebra MC3300 series now replaces the successful MC3200 series. The MC3300 has some new features. With a 4 inch WVGA touch display you now have a larger display available. The MC3300 is delivered with a faster 1.8GHz hexacore processor. More memory for more performance in your applications. The standard version has 2GB RAM / 16GB Flash available. The Premium version has 4GB RAM / 16GB Flash and the Premium Plus version has GB RAM / 32GB Flash. The Premium Plus version is additionally equipped with a 13MP camera. You can upgrade from the MC3200 to the new MC3300 at a reasonable price. Some of the MC3200 accessories can still be used with the MC3300.

The right form factors for your requirements.

The MC3300 is also available in different versions. There are different versions of the scanner alignment: New is the bar code imager with 45° angulation. Straight Shooter with 0° or Rotating Shooter. A version with handle is also available. Depending on the design, different scan engines are available: 1D-Laser, 2D-Imager or Extended Range Imager. The Extended Range Imager reads barcodes at a distance of up to 18m (code-dependent).

Operating systems.

The MC3300 is delivered with Android 7.0 (Nougat) incl. GMS (Google Mobile Service). The typical intuitive touch functions can be used. The physical keyboard offers your employees the advantage to work as they already know it and to be able to make fast entries without disturbing the field of view on the display by an on-screen keyboard.