Ultrarobust industrial Bluetooth handheld scanner.

Now with Extended Range (ER) 1D Linear Imager. Replaces the LS3408 Long Range Laser (LORAX). Approx. 25% more reading range than the LORAX. With new aiming device for the ER version. The Zebra LI3678 series has an ultra-rugged housing and is ideal for use in industrial environments. The devices withstand a drop height of approx. 2.40 m. In addition, the housing is protected against dust and water with a protection class of IP67 and the scan window is very scratch-resistant. A charging station with IP65 (dust and water protected) for forklift trucks is also available. In addition, the charging contacts are very robust and thus withstand the frequent and heavy loads in industrial environments. The LI3678 can also be used in ambient temperatures down to -20°C. The Wi-Fi Friendly Mode prevents bluetooth interference in the WLAN environment. The battery charge level indicator and Bluetooth status LED allow quick control of the battery and Bluetooth connection.

1D Linear Imager for short and long range.

The Zebra LI3608 is available with two 1D-Linear-Imager versions. For the close range the standard range (SR) from 2 cm up to 106 cm (depending on barcode) and for the far range the extended range (ER) from 7 cm up to 17 meters (depending on barcode, on reflective material).

Powerful rechargeable battery.

The LI-Ion battery is very powerful with 3100mAh and allows twice as many scans in this scanner class with full charge. The battery can be changed quickly and easily and can be charged in a 4-fold charging station. So the LI3678 can also be used in multi-shift operation. A function status display indicates whether the battery is fully functional and fully charged.