Honeywell Dolphin CN80

Ultrarobust housing.

The new Dolphin CN80 is a high-performance mobile computer suitable for most demanding applications. The Dolphin CN80 is equipped with a 4.2 inch touch display and protected with Gorilla Glass 3. The display can also be operated with gloves and is water-repellent. The housing can withstand falls from 2.4m and is protected with IP67 against the penetration of dust and water. The keyboard has either 23 numeric keys or 40 QWERTY keys. The Dolphin CN80 will also soon be available as a “Cold Store” version for the freezer area. In this version the device is equipped with a heater to prevent condensation water.

High Performance Scanner.

The CN80 is available with a 2D High Performance Imager or 2D Long Range Imager. In addition, the integrated 13MP auto-focus camera with flash can be used to take high-resolution photos. This way, incoming goods or repairs/maintenance can be recorded and documented. The mobile device is equipped with a fast 2.2GHz Octa-Core processor and with 3 or 4GB RAM / 32GB Flash. The memory can be expanded with a Micro SDXC card of up to 512GB. The CN80 is equipped with Android 7.1.1 Nougat and is upgradeable to Android “Q”. WLAN 802.11ac or 4G Advanced LTE are available for data transfer in the field.


The Dolphin CN80 can be expanded with a wide range of accessories. The CN80 can be equipped with a handle for improved handling. A trigger is integrated on the handle, which
triggers the scanner. With the belt pouch, the CN80 is always with you and ready to hand. With the vehicle mountings the device is also present in the field and can (depending on the mounting) also be charged in the vehicle. To charge the device, in addition to the standard single charging/transmitting station, a 4-way device charging station or a 4-way battery charging station is also available. In the individual charging station, the battery in the device and an additional battery are charged.